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 "When the Dragon Smiles" is a journal entry which I wrote while sitting at a pulloff overlooking our beautiful California coastline, just north of San Simeon, several years ago.  I had just finished reading a book upon a similar subject, which I felt was grossly inadequate in explaining what is happening inside these persons.  Because of having worked with very violent and maniacal institutionalized autistics and schizophrenics for a living, on a number of occasions, in addition to having worked in ambulance rescues for seven years as a medic, followed by approximately tweny years of trial practice, during which I met and worked with many criminals and sociopaths (criminal defense and family law, aka divorce court, being the bread and butter of many trial attorneys), I know far more about the matters being discussed than I would like to.  The paper scares me, and I expect it will scare you also.  But it is all based upon real people and events which I have personally witnessed, or otherwise have been involved with.  I feel that our typical politicians and many high ranking government employees, as well as numerous "religious" and civic "leaders", are described with a far greater degree of accuracy and reality than many of us should be comfortable with. Having been raised, playing with other little boys on the streets of Santa Monica and Venice, California, I was the prey on a regular basis when I was a young boy.   This is why some of the intensity comes through so strongly in my reading.  It truly is coming from the bottom of my heart.  But not as one who is the perpetrator (although I fear I was guilty of such when much younger, while barely knowing any better), but as the targeted prey, who is living a life of continuous dodging and bobbing and weaving in order to stay alive another day.  The first part gives a sort of a feel for the kind of creature which we are, here, dealing with.  It is a sort of inside look into the mind and psyche of the perpetrator.  At the same time, it recognizes that predacious behavior is far more of a norm than it is an abnormality.  Something found inside each of us, for survival reasons.  But, when misdirected in the wrong direction, it will, soon enough, turn into one of those horrific ambulance calls which one will never forget.  Brace yourself.


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The second half of the paper deals with the "anti-self".  This is a concept I came up with while writing the paper.  The journal entry was actually written on two different days, one day after the other.  Part 1 on the first day and Part 2 on the following day.  After writing Part 1, as I was thinking about this dragon within each and every one of us (i.e. "but for the grace of God there go I") it occurred to me that we are, here, dealing with primal forces which form an antitheses to everything which we claim to believe in.  It is what happens when we swear we are not going to do something, but wake up the next morning realizing that we did, and have.  "Ycccchhhh", we think to ourselves, wondering how such a thing could even be possible.  I am here, attempting to ferret out some of the inner mechanisms by which such things happen or can happen.  Warning to the wise, as it were.  Hope you enjoy.  But, I must warn, the subject matter is very depressing, although, also very illuminating.  Think about these things the next time you look at "Mr. Squeaky Clean" or "Ms. Holier than Thou".  Are they really?  I should think NOT!!  Keep your eyes open.  And watch your back at all times.  And be VERY particular as to who you are going to trust or associate with i.e. beware the company you keep.  You just may start looking and acting just a little bit more like him/her/them with each passing day.  Those are some of the lessons here.  Not for the squeamish.  But definitely for those who don't want to be the next victim of something which could so easily have been avoided, if only YOU had been paying sufficient attention.


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This is a recent reading of a post from my blog, at   http://www.vincenteewoodward.com/  , dated 6-14-13.  For some reason I am unable to link you directly to the blog post page, so I am, instead, providing a link to the opening page of the blog, from where you can locate the exact post:  link to blog .  This is one in a series of discussions of how things have gotten as screwed up as they are.  Please forgive my "attitudinalism".  It is mainly for effect.  Intended to be "pithy", instead of offensive.  But, I am sure it will be offensive to some.  Something which I have little or no control over.  Note how "the lie" is central to the thesis and the discourse.  A subject I shall, hopefully, return to, again and again.


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This is a recent reading of a post to my blog at  http://www.vincenteewoodward.com/  , dated 7-4-13.  I am unable to link directly to the blog post page, so have provided a link to the opening page, from where you can, easily, find the original posting: link to blog .  Sarcasm and some "pithy" language is intended for effect.  If you take offense, my apologies.  But, I stand by everything which I have written, as I nearly always do.  Once again, note how "the lie" is central.  This is the one single thing which is hurting us as individuals and as a country and as a people, so far as I am concerned.  It needs to be recognized, challenged, and ended on a moment by moment basis.  And is never to be allowed or accomodated in public discourse, no matter what the excuse.  If you are having to lie, then it is time to change your wicked ways.  And to stop lying.  End of story.


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