I wrote the seventh installment of
"On True Religion". 

After finishing it I recorded it
into MP3 form,
which is posted on the page
dedicated to this work.


Hope everyone enjoys it
(or not).

I know that not a few
will be highly insulted
and maybe even outraged
at what I say.

The subject is holiness/separation.

You can only imagine.

Please bear in mind
that the audience that it is directed to
is believing persons
who take their "red letter" religion
very seriously.

Any who are familiar
with New Testament writings
will recognize what it is
that I am talking about.

All others will simply read into it
whatever they will.

They are, quite simply,
incapable of understanding such matters.

But to those who have "ears to hear",
all I can really say,
in the final analysis is

"get out of her my people
lest you partake in her plagues".

w/ abounding and abiding love
(believe it or not !!)


11:25 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA