I just finished posting two readings which I did a couple of months ago at vwWRITINGSaudio page. 

They are titled "CLOWNISM" and "MOMMYISM".

I have "hemmed and hawed" over whether to post them, because of not wanting to offend people.

But, I guess that is just a price one has to pay if one is going to be "wedded to truth" rather than being like so many others and being "wedded to the lie", instead.

So, with apologies to any who get upset at my directness, I have finally decided to post these.

I have listend to them numerous times, and really enjoy them.

It is so unusual to get to hear anyone tell it how it actually is.

Really refreshing to hear, where my ears are concerned.

I hope to do more reading.

Ironically, I was looking for some of my postings on "honor", and various different "martial" values, when I ran into these, instead.


But, they seem to have become more and more pertinent by the hour, as events have continued to develop, in a most unhealthy way, here on the ground.

As I say in my notes alongside the recordings, "the lie" is the enemy.

This is something which I think about almost continuously, and observe so many times on a daily basis that I quickly lose count.

I believe that this is the single most destructive thing that there is.

So much so that I think that (nearly) every evil which is known to mankind is embodied by lies and lying.

If it is evil, it will be lied about and hidden.

There is no need to hide the good which one is and which one is doing, now, is there?

Hope you enjoy.

w/love, abounding,


1:43 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA