As you can see,
I have been working quite a bit
on perfecting the layout
of my News Stories section
of this website.

I am using the actual news articles, themselves,
as a means of providing a forum for my little diatribes.

I have written on such matters
throughout my entire adult life
in various essay forms,
but now am doing it in comment forms.

Just for the record,
I located my audio recording of
"When the Dragon Smiles".

I had posted it several years ago,
but took it down
for a number of different reasons.

One of the main ones being
that I was unhappy with
some of the writing
which caused a lack of clarity
at certain points in the piece.

On the written page,
what were essentially footnote remarks,
worked well.

But, upon reading them
into the audio recording form,
they caused a break in continuity
which I was VERY unhappy about.

But, the overall piece, itself,
is more relevant than ever,
where I am concerned,
such that I finally decided
to edit it just a little bit
to make it more smooth,
without losing any of
the important content.

Hope to get to work on it soon
and to get it posted soon.

In the meantime,
I am VERY happy with
how the news articles section is shaping up.

But VERY unhappy
with how the Magna Carta section
is NOT shaping up.

Must get busy on that directly.

Am reading about the Cataline Conspiracy,
which is a famous chapter in Roman history.

I never cease to be amazed
at just how relevant the history of ancient Rome is
to what is going on all about us right now.

Especially as the Republic disintegrates
into the Empire.

Many parallels to now
as the American Republic disintegrates
into I just simpy don't know what.

Maybe we can restore
once sought after greatness,
or maybe our days are done
and we are just simply going to get cooked,
as we seem to so richly deserve.

All I can do is watch and wait,
while trying to stay alive long enough
to get to see at least some of where it is headed.

Hope that any
who have been following me
on this journey
are having at least half as much fun
as I am.

Love you all.

And hoping for the best.

w/eternal love


3:23 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA