This site has sat waiting for two years for what is about to happen.

I have been working on a system to make it so that lay people can read and understand the greek New Testament with the minimum amount of study possible.

This is because I know that most people are not going to put in the numerous hours and year required to learn.

Not because they do not want to, but because they are unable to.

So, I am creating a method by which one can learn by entering into this text one layer at a time, as it were.

The first layer, as of this writing, will consist of the following:

One verse at a time, read in greek.

Then, a word by word, literal translation.

Then, this is followed by a hyper-literal English translation, in the exact same word order as is found in the text.

Finally, I read the verse, once again, in it's entirety, so you can hear the Word of God in a way in which you are unlikely to have ever heard it before.

I will, hopefully (i.e. God willing) be writing some commentary on this blog as we go along.

Right now it is four minutes to midnight on 4-22-14.

With more to come.


11:57 p.m.
Ventura, California, USA